Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Professional Photography. Or not.

This photo screams professionalism.
So have been hitting the grindstone solidly since I got back.  Have some fruits for my efforts to show for it, but don't have them all photographed yet.  Here's some wip's:

  The full piece will be 18x24in.  If I don't muck it up anyway.  And lo, as the Mythbusters did fondly saith, "Failure is always an option."  I'm new to pastels, but it's a learning curve.

Commissions are also being tackled.  Here's an 8x10 in the works:

and a larger owl:

And with any luck, will actually get the website a much needed overhaul.  Finally!  Woo.  You should get some How to Draw Horses and Dinosaurs action.  Having a copy already is no excuse not to.

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