Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ramblings and WIP's.

Well, haven't I been the productive, sleep-deprived little sod? New originals, or prints, are now available over at the site, and I have actually managed to meet 98% percent of my book deadlines which can only mean one thing: ART SHOW season is just around the corner. Time to get in touch with your inner gypsy.

This year, I am trying something new. I am taking my husband along on some of these weekend escapades, because I like a challenge*. Ok, sure, maybe he doesn't like hiking, or being out in the sun all day, or finds camping about the same level of fun-filled exuberance as a root canal... but I have never let that stop me from dragging him out on a weekend before. Why start now?

My only reservation is,... with regards to our 2 beliefs about time travel. Every year, time of departure for an event is the subject of literally millions of marital arguments, and while I certainly would never engage in crude generalizations based on gender, all of these arguments are started by men.

Let's say an event starts at, 9am. My husband, under the mistaken belief that events actually start on time, will factor in for traffic, weather/road conditions, being 15 minutes early, time to find parking, the time change, and an extra 20 minute cushion for possible engine trouble, meteor strike or invading Germans, will be ready to go not later than 3:20am and pacing about the house, jingling car keys in a suggestive manner that makes the lady of the house utter suggestions as to what he can do with his bloody keys.

Of course, by the time I have remembered the 12** other things I had forgotten to get done because I was busy for the past 2 weeks doing all the other things I needed to get done first, we have calmly spent the morning discussing our differences and formulating a reasonable compromise in that I am out of touch with the known physical laws of the universe, and he should quit being a bleeding, key jingling time Nazi.

I have yet to be late or miss an art show, and for all the work that goes into it, I love it, and because we are both mature, intelligent adults, the next time we have an event to attend, we will have exactly the same argument.

Tradition is important in marriage.

Will look for you at the art shows! Stop by the booth and say HI!

*or, perhaps I have brain damage.
**I will still, at minimum, forget 2.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tutorials and Art Shows

Recently, I have been occupied with book illustration deadlines and the odd new website construction, but as we all know, May is coming, and thus Art Show season gets into full swing. There's really no better way to get in touch with your inner gypsy than being at an art show - so if you have the chance to throw up a table, I highly recommend it. Or else, face gypsy curse! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!

There is only 1 kurfuffle* I have with art shows, and that is, as I view it anyway, the unholy fees for entering. You need nothing less upfront, for some of these shows, than the GDP of Brazil! It can be quite frustrating, especially if you're starting out, and there is always an abundant of talent out there that deserves to be seen. I ask, general public, if you were to see a concert, you wouldn't expect them to charge the orchestra and let the audience in free? Same goes for a movie or a play, readings, ballet, etc.... lame. But I digress; *hops off my soap box*

Sooooo... there have been a few updates over at the site, 4 Dog Arts , including 2 new pieces now available. Hope on over and see! K? Thanks!

*this is a family friendly blog, g*$%^@!