Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Professional Photography. Or not.

This photo screams professionalism.
So have been hitting the grindstone solidly since I got back.  Have some fruits for my efforts to show for it, but don't have them all photographed yet.  Here's some wip's:

  The full piece will be 18x24in.  If I don't muck it up anyway.  And lo, as the Mythbusters did fondly saith, "Failure is always an option."  I'm new to pastels, but it's a learning curve.

Commissions are also being tackled.  Here's an 8x10 in the works:

and a larger owl:

And with any luck, will actually get the website a much needed overhaul.  Finally!  Woo.  You should get some How to Draw Horses and Dinosaurs action.  Having a copy already is no excuse not to.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Totally get to be at the big kid's table this year.  Kinda' awesome.

Also doing the cooking.  Sooooo much could be said about that.  Most of it probably in the 'unthankful' nature.  Probably.


ps: more art soon!  Woo!

ps2:  Oscar Wildecat is doing fine.  Thanks for all the well-wishes!

ps3:  Know what makes great gifts?  How to Draw Horses and How to Draw Dinosaurs!  Makes the perfect gift for the person who has $12.95 - But as of right now, it's even on sale, which is even better! 4dogarts.com